Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graphic Novel Project

Kristin Royer and I are working on a graphic novel! Below are a few images, without any of the accompanying word bubbles. If you want to see the big versions of these images, go to Kristin's site dedicated to pitching the project.

Kristin wanted me to desaturate the colors for the beginning of the story, and once we move into the more magical part of the tale, she wanted things to get more vibrant. I went for a very sketchy, loose drawing style that I think works well.

Hope you like!


Jonathan said...

Anything that starts or ends in Barcelona is destined to be magical. I'm excited to see how this turns out!

janae said...

I love that first pic. Maybe just cuz I love maps, but the way you layered it is awesome.

janae said...

ps. I CANNOT believe that you left Porto off the map. I'm seriously offended. Seriously. I am. Offended.

Cara said...

Oh my gosh Sam! It looks amazing! Can't wait to see the final project!