Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cross Country Kids

Here are a some kids from my high school cross country team*. If you were on the team, you may be able to identify a few people, but since I sketched from memory and sketched in pen, I didn't exactly achieve historical accuracy.

Along the lines of cross country:
  • One of these days, someone will make a good movie about the skinny kids
  • Maybe it will even be a musical
  • That would be cool
  • It will never happen
  • And no, Glee doesn't count
  • Actually, I've never seen Glee, so I'm writing in complete ignorance
  • Does Glee ever talk about the cross country runners?
  • 'Cause if it doesn't, someone's missing out on a really great opportunity
*A couple of the people in this image were on other teams. Boots and Randy.


Cara said...

I'm kind of scared of the hairy kid.

Ginny Apgood said...

Sad to say, Glee doesn't ever talk about the cross country kids...

Anna Banana said...

I didn't know your whole team...but I'm pretty sure I see you and James!

janae said...

You really are your funniest in writing. Your bullets were witty and had me chuckling. Reminds me of when we first met and IM'd.

Sam Ricks said...

Ginny - It doesn't? Well that's a shame.

Jodi said...

Oh, I see James. Very cool!