Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Book!

I recently finished up two books for author Donna Hemans. Here are a few illustrations from The Very Sleepy Firefly. You can order this and another book I illustrated, If You Take An Animal Home, from, and you'll get the book with your child's name in the place of the main character. Kinda cool!


Cara said...

Very cool! *Love* the illustrations in both books!

janae said...

I like how you experimented with a whole new color scheme on this book. So fun!

Anonymous said...

Sam! I randomly decided to check out your blog on the same that I'm also randomly looking for a personalized gift for my niece for Christmas. Coincidence? I can't buy her both books, so I have to ask - which one do you recommend for an 8 month old? (maybe I'll buy the other one for her birthday coming up...)

Hope you're doing well!

Paige said...

SO cool Sam!!! That is seriously amazing! The illustrations look awesome. I'm so proud of you! I will definitely have to order those!