Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stuff for Snowbird

I recently finished a piece for Snowbird Ski Resort. It's part of a larger revamping of their ski program for children. The client asked for a clean look that wasn't "too Disney but not too loose, either".

Snowbird specified all the colors of the apparel. Since the resort started as a mine, all the children's ski area is miner-themed. Hence, the miner helmet and more rustic-looking ski boots. And lastly, this image had to be large enough to fit on the side of a van. So it's big. At 300 dpi, it's about 18" x  22".

I've never been much of a skier. Growing up in Arizona, I pretty much only ever went sledding down dirt hills. I've gone downhill skiing a grand total of once, and cross-country skiing once. I live in Utah and don't ski. What a travesty, huh?


Jennifer Bower said...

My family has skied out in Snowbird for the last 20+ years. Many memories! My daughter learned to ski in their kiddy-camp. One of the best kept secrets in my opinion. Wish I could see the image...:(

Jennifer Bower said...

Oh, wait! HA!!!! Just clicked the red bar...NICE! Love the 'old school' skier look.

Cara said...

Very cool. Nice work.

Sam Ricks said...

Thanks, Jennifer!