Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Although these drawings are cute, octopuses are actually pretty freaky. In fact, they scare me more than almost any marine life--with the exception of orcas, great whites, walruses, and of course, giant squid.


janae said...

And narwhals. I can't believe you left out narwhals.

Lissa Nelson said...

Okay, the octopus eating the shark is possibly the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.

Cara Webber said...

I think I might have nightmares after that video. Yikes! Why do we make scary things cute (teddy bears, for example?) Everything is *not* your friend!!!

Manelle said...

I like them!

denise @ little ant design said...

Did you really just say you have a fear of orcas?

I no longer think we can be friends.

love, your favorite aunt by marriage...
who's dad was a whale trainer
who once was a member of Greenpeace
who's favorite show is Whale Wars

Sam Ricks said...

Dearest Favorite Aunt,

Free Willy aside, orcas (read: KILLER whales) are freaky!!! Can you imagine seeing one of those scuba diving? I'm pretty sure I'd die. Even before the orca disemboweled me.

In all seriousness, though, I think orcas are cool. I just wouldn't want to hang out with them for extended periods of time.

Sam Ricks said...

Favorite Aunt Part Deux,

I meant, "Can you imagine seeing one of those while scuba diving." Although seeing a killer whale scuba dive would be pretty interesting, too.

Anonymous said...

You have to recognize that you are writing this to a woman who has pictures standing next to a killer whale (read: cutest mammal ever)as a little girl and who spent her afternoons when she was in elementary school hanging out with her Dad at Marineland.


Sam Ricks said...

Favorite Aunt and Uncle By Marriage,

Okay, okay, maybe orcas aren't so bad. But you're not gonna convince me about the giant squid. That thing really was creepy. :)

denise @ little ant design said...

Dear Favorite Nephew (keep that on the down low - the other nephews might get peeved)

The giant squid I'll give you but ONLY if you come on over to the pro orca side.

Favorite Aunt