Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Thought this was a fun idea. What do you think? How could I fix the pacing of it? Does the story make sense? Let me know!


Cara and Barry said...

Clever idea! I like it!
And I like the color change too. I'm just a little confused though. So, the kid is really a superhero? The fact that he comes crashing down and landing on his head confused me a little (if he is a superhero, would he do that?) And then he changes back to the superhero. So that part confused me a bit.

The other part that I didn't think ran completely smoothly was that the bully is told that the coins are Canadian and then acts outraged a few frames later when he realizes they are Canadian. Wasn't he listening? Though, I realized he was smashed into the ground at that point, so he probably wasn't listening. Maybe rephrasing that part to come across more as an aside (something like "the dummy didn't even realize they are Canadian anyways" or the like).

So there's my two cents! Hopefully it was helpful! :)

Sam Ricks said...


I'm glad you left that comment, because it shows me it's not as clear as it could be yet. My intention was for both of the superhero scenes to be the kid's imagination--what he would have said to the bully--what he wishes he could do. But then he gets dropped back into reality and gets pummeled back into the ground. (The bully tosses him in the air at the beginning, and then he comes crashing back to earth.) That was the thought there. I'll have to tweak it now.

janae said...

Makes sense to me, but then again, we've talked about it. I like the color change - it works well.