Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brush Pen Madness

I think this may officially be the first time I've ever put my face on my blog. Hi world! Oh, and notice the awesome Japanese packaging? I panicked a bit when I saw there were no instructions in English. But everything was pretty intuitive. I mean, all you really have to do is insert the cartridge and you're up and running.

I recently purchased a real brush pen from It's a site that sells Japanese pens and stationary for super cheap. (It just so happens that Japanese make better cars, better electronics, and better pens than the U.S.)

If you're thinking to yourself, "What's a real brush pen?" I'll tell you. Unlike felt-tip brush pens that wear out and fray after about a week of use, brush pens have actual bristles on them and use refillable ink cartridges. They're basically like fountain pens but with a brush tip on the end instead of a nib. Behold:

image courtesy of

Yeah, I know I'm probably boring most of my blog audience with this, but I have to geek out about stuff every now and again. And what better place to do that than here?

Here's a recent sketch page from my first attempts to figure the brush out:


Cara and Barry said...

Looks cool to me. :)

Thursday Bram said...

JetPens is one of my favorite sites...they sell ink for my fountain pens in just about every color.

Paige said...

That does look very high tech. Way to go Japan. But the real question is, does it write upside down like the astronaut pen?!?

Sam Ricks said...

Paige - Sadly, this pen does not write upside down. They should definitely make an astronaut pen variety!

janae said...

I think you're geeking out is cute. Just for the record. And the concept behind the pen is pretty amazing!

dowdyism said...

My favorite part of your sketch is the lettering - love the detail you can get with the brush pen.

And yes, the Japanese do make the best pens. :)

Natasha Wheatley said...

That is a super cool pen. I don't write, I don't draw, but I am very addicted to finding the next best writing utensil (because you know, I write maybe 2 checks a month with one)! I might have to visit that site. Also, your geek-ery will never out do Andy's. He literally speaks in another language when he gets geeky (and there aren't pictures either).