Thursday, January 14, 2010

El Tigre

For all you social media fans out there, I've started feeding my blog posts directly into Facebook and Twitter. I'm hoping it helps bring a few more readers 'round to take a look at my work. Ciao!


j@nAe said...

Woa. This looked fine when you first started, but I'm way impressed with the end result. I definitely didn't expect it going this route! I love it!

Natasha Wheatley said...

I love the colors in the one! Especially his opal-like ears. What a great effect. Also, how do I link up to your Facebook page? When I click it, it just takes me to Facebook. Let me know and I will add you!

Sam Ricks said...

Natasha - Oops! Sorry I didn't link directly to myself. You should be able to click on the Twitter and the Facebook links now and get to my pages.