Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red and Brown Sketches

I brainstorm for an hour every day to keep up reserves of great story ideas. Often, I discover new techniques that I decide to implement later. Sometimes, an idea that wasn't going anywhere from a long-past brainstorming session will suddenly click, and I'll know exactly what I need to do to make the image work. I almost always use pen when brainstorming, because the inability to erase means I have to commit to whatever I put down on paper. I can't go back on the ideas that come. Sometimes it's sloppy, but polish isn't the point. The point is to ensure that I'm not timid in my thinking. I do use pencil to shade, though, as you see here.

These are some images from a recent storm. I like the kid in the chair. And the guy with the bells.

1 comment:

j@nAe said...

I'm a fan of polka-dot hat girl. She's cute. And her hat makes her look like a mushroom. :)