Friday, August 21, 2009

Step 6: Work, Work, Work! (Part 7 of 10)

Don’t worry too much about finding a worthy opponent. If you’re good enough and famous enough, a nemesis will find you. While waiting for your opposition to arrive, defend citizens from lower grade criminals. It’s a great way to practice your crime fighting style and gain the respect and adoration of the public. Once you gain a rapport, two things are bound to happen: 1) the public will buy more of your merchandise and 2) meaner people will show up anxious for a tussle.

If your business is lagging, take a look at the crime rates in your area. Are they high enough to sustain a healthy superhero income? If not, try moving to where the action is. Let local law enforcement deal with the small fries, and seek bigger bait yourself. Gotham is taken, but there are hundreds of unclaimed American cities just like it.


Cara and Barry said...

love it!

janae said...

That illustration is perfect! I love this whole series. It seriously cracks me up! You should put a note at the end of the post that will point out (or link them to) the SGA label from your side bar. Just a suggestion. Cuz I love you. And I'm brilliant. ;)

ALYN said...

Been thinking about your superpeople guild.

One idea: these illustrations & instructions could be chapter headings. There could be a whole story in text with plot/ dialogue etc. between each step of the instructions.

How someone is attempting to follow or disregard the instructions... I think this could be quite intriguing.

I read way too much...

Sarah said...

Sam, this series is awesome. I can totally see this as a book. It would be so fun to read and the pictures are very sleek and interesting to look at. Great job!