Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What's with me and drawing pictures of creatures taking pictures? Not really sure.

I had finished working on an illustration, and I had a few minutes left to post something on the blog. I thought I'd do something fluffy. (I've been experimenting with the Photoshop brush scattering option. Hence the desire for fluffiness.) Anyway, I remembered those sheep from Wallace and Gromit. Then I thought, "This needs to be the fastest, loosest drawing ever done in Photoshop!" And then it hit me: "PHOTOSHEEP!" And in approximately 3 minutes, a photography-loving ungulate was born.

And yes, sheep are ungulates.
Never thought this blog would be educational, did ya?


janae said...

For the record, I had NO CLUE what an ungulate was. But I did pronounce it correctly. I do deserve that. :)

Cara and Barry said...

Very fluffy. Nice work. And, like Janae, I was educated today. Thank you. :)