Friday, July 24, 2009

Snakes and Rocket Packs

A sure-fire formula for success: animal + rocket pack = awesomeness. Indeed. Can you imagine a gazelle with a rocket pack, or better yet, a koala with a rocket pack? Narwhals with rocket packs?! Yeah. Talk about cool. And nothing makes for more entertainment than a snake with a rocket pack.

This little guy is actually a dragon-snake (complete with flame-retardant scales, which is why the rocket's flame isn't burning his tail off). He's obviously less menacing than he looks, though. For, as we all know, it's very difficult for dragon-snakes to steer when flying.


janae said...

Dude, it would be HARD to steer without any other appendages! I wondered how his tail wasn't completely burned off. ;)

Cara and Barry said...

Dude. That was seriously funny. I was bustin' up and had to read it to Barry. I think the idea is a keeper- animals and rocket packs. Awesome.

Joe said...

Squirrels with rocket packs. Yeah, that would rock.