Monday, June 29, 2009

Step 3: Brand Yourself (Part 4 of 10)

Once you’ve chosen a name and slogan, it’s time to create a unique brand. Finding the right designer for your logo and uniform takes careful planning, since your hire must agree not to disclose your identity. Furthermore, unless you want the designer to become a target of your arch-nemesis, he or she will not receive credit for creating your brand. All this makes contracting with a good designer difficult. SGA maintains a list of terrific designers who have proven faithful to the SGA credo. Visit our website for more details.

Slogans, Mottos, Catch-Phrases, Jingles
A slogan or catch phrase can boost your popularity and aid in your marketing and merchandising. Slogans may also advance some part of your moral code and are often memorable enough for use in feature films. Most find creating a slogan easy – they simply trademark something they say or that others say about them. Think, “I’m Batman”, “With great power comes great responsibility”, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane”, etc. Be positive and upbeat but strong in your language. “Here I am!” is probably not powerful enough to make villains quiver, but “Bring it, suckas!” might work. Pay some friends to chant your motto as you fight; it often helps the slogan catch on.

When creating a logo, remember: keep it simple. Your mark should read well from great distances so that civilians, law enforcement, and villains do not mistake you for someone else. Bold, recognizable colors work well.

Your logo should incorporate an icon. An icon without type aids readability, is more memorable to the public, and keeps your uniform from looking like a tawdry sports jersey. Spiderman, The Fantastic 4, Superman – all use icons. You should, too.

Your uniform, like everything else in your brand, should reflect your particular super style. Are you a dark and brooding character? Try darker, more muted tones. Are you idealistic and suave? Go for brighter colors. Nothing says you like your uniform.

If you must wear your uniform constantly, make sure your daily attire conceals your supersuit well. Also, if you’re going to be sparring during winter months, plan your uniform accordingly. Some superheroes prefer lycra hoods that protect their ears from the cold, and superladies often switch to ankle-length leggings when chilly weather ensues.


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