Friday, June 26, 2009

Step 2: Choose a Name (Part 3 of 10)

Choosing a supername is not as easy as you might think. Not only must your name match your power, be bold, innovative, and intriguing — it must also be available. If, for example, your superpower deals with bats, good luck obtaining the rights to any of the names you might want — they’re likely taken.

How, then, do you choose from the myriad options available? How does one go about choosing a superhero name? For starters, try: (Your Adjective Here) Man or (Your Adjective Here) Woman. Choose an innovative adjective that describes what your power does. Think outside the box, and use a thesaurus. For example, do your lightning bolts hiss as they charge through the air? Try Sibilation Woman. Is your salivary poison highly acidic? Try Acerbic Man.

While the abovementioned convention works well for some, others find it cliché. Perhaps adding an “o” (masculine) or an “a” (feminine) to the ending of a descriptive word would work better for you: Robusto, Slithera, Freezo, Atomica. Alternatively, use words that evoke strong emotions through onomatopoeia, rhyming, alliteration, and the like: NerveSinge, Blamblaster, LaserPhaser, Gnashwail.

Run your choices past a few superfriends before licensing your name. Batman’s nickname describes him perfectly well – 'The Dark Knight'. It also makes him sound much cooler than did his original idea – The Soaring Rodent. Fortunately, Batman’s friends (with help from a superb brand manager) convinced him to keep his appellations appropriately melancholic, and 'The Dark Knight' prevailed.


janae said...

Love it. Apparently Lissa does, too. She may not comment, but she was talking about how funny these posts are!

Cara and Barry said...

all the names are hilarious. LOVE it!

denise said...

OK, I just read all these SGA posts and laughed myself silly. Your writing is hilarious and your artwork is amazing.