Thursday, June 25, 2009

Step 1: Hone Superskills (Part 2 of 10)

Your skills no doubt need improving; otherwise, you would already be a famous superperson. Sharpening your abilities is the first place to start when working towards superhero/heroine fame, because without proper training, you will probably die pathetically within the first few bouts with bad guys*.

While practicing your superstrength is important, we also recommend intensive courses in martial arts, meditation, telepathy, and trash talking. Such cross training allows you to perform well even if your superstrength is weakened by evildoers.

* The bad guys always seem to have cooler weapons and better uniforms, but we still win. We think it’s because we train more.


janae said...

Love the logo. I especially like how the character looks like he's made of plasma or silly putty or something slightly gooey/liquidy. Awesome.

Cara and Barry said...

There is so much in this that I *love*

-you will probably die pathetically
-intensive course in telepathy
-intensive course in trash talking
-we think it's because we train more

So many gems. :)