Friday, June 26, 2009

Ignacious The Cameraman

"How, you may ask, do I take pictures with only one foot?!? That, my dear friend, shall be our little secret."


janae said...

I love the blurbs below the pictures. You are so funny. Better in print than in person. ;)

denise said...

I am in love with this dashing one foot photographer - seriously he is so cute. If you ever sell art work I want to buy him and hang him in my loft. There are a few of your drawings I would buy. How did Janae marry such talent? :)

He reminds me of me - a slightly unbalanced person, who loves photography and tries to focus on too many things at one time (hence the 3 eyes) Pretty deep, insightful thoughts about a cartoon, huh? I'm sure you were unaware of my brilliant mind :)

Sam said...

Wow Denise! I've learned so much about you from this post! :) And yeah, you can totally have the drawing, no problems. But first, I'll have to actually have a really nice printer to print it on.