Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For everyone else in the arena, the outcome of the tipoff was a foregone conclusion. For Hippendorf Van Schortypanz, it was anything but.

pen and ink, 12:43-1:29


janae said...

I LOVE it!! This the is the funniest one yet! (Not that you were trying to be funny every time. And not that being funny is the ultimate goal. Just that this is funny.)

Cara and Barry said...

You go, Hippendorf.

ALYN said...

Schortypanz? Ha! He's one determined guy!

I also had an idea to generate reader participation: You could ask for captions/text via the comments. Or even post a request for drawing ideas, and then choose one of the ideas to draw for your 44.5 minute challenge...

Bart's Rebecca said...

So first of all, I LOVE these little story art works you do. What an AWESOME idea. I have to get Bart to do something like this. :o)

Second, did you see the... like... dream team slam dunk contest this year...I feel lame because I don't know it's official name...but there was this one guy who was like 5' 6" or something that SERIOUSLY had like a 6 foot vertical!!! Okay I may be exaggerating a little, but he ended up winning! This drawing reminds me of that.

And if you do decide to request drawing ideas from readers, I'd love to see a potty training may not be as exciting or entertaining or creative as some of the drawings you've done, but I love reading your wife's blog and I could just imagine an awesome picture of the escapades coming from you.