Friday, March 6, 2009

An Experiment

I've been wondering about my blog. I'm busy with school work, freelance work, and applying for "real" work, so the bloggaliciousness has not been going very well lately. I've posted once a week at best, which doesn't draw much traffic, so I've been wondering what I could do to be a consistent blogger, stay fresh with my drawing skills, and be entertaining at the same time. I think I have the answer.

This blog is going to change a little bit, at least in the near term. Since I'm strapped for time but want to post often, I'm going to start blogging every week day. I've allotted myself 44.5 minutes to take a story idea and run with it. I'll draw pictures and post quick story ideas that accompany them, and I'll do it all within 44.5 minutes. I'll post the starting and ending time for each post I do, mostly to keep myself from spending more time than I should on my blog, but also so you can see how long whatever I've posted took to create. For now, I'm calling this "Project 44.5 " (it's brilliant, I know). If I don't finish what I'm doing in 44.5 minutes, there won't be a post at all that day. I reserve the right to change any of my rules at any point. Look for the first post in about .5 minutes!

1 comment:

janae said...

Brilliant. This is gonna be fun. I'm excited for your stories. And I like the name Project 44.5.