Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sketchbook Stuff

You can always tell how engaging my classes are by the quantity of sketches I pump out during them.  These sketches come from two class periods in the not-so-distant past. It's kind of cool being in a more artistic field, 'cause no one ever smacks you with a ruler for not paying attention. I'm sure it still annoys some of my professors, though.

I feel the need to write something substantial, since all I've done recently is post sketches, mostly without words. Hmm . . . nope, nothing's coming to me. Except that I'm super excited for you all to see my new online portfolio! It should be done in a few days. Be sure to keep your RSS dials tuned to this station! 


janae said...

Okay, I'll admit that I am completely biased, but I love your writing. I think you are really amusing and funny. And very engaging. :)

Cara and Barry said...

I really like that middle sketch. There's just something about it. So simple, but so endearing. Love it. :) Can't wait for the online portfolio. Our whole family are big fans. :)

Sam said...

Thanks Cara! (and rest of fam!)