Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Met

Last week, my wife and I went to the inauguration (which was awesome; more pics later). The next day, my wife, kids, and I hopped off to New York, where we spent the week with my aunt and uncle. I got the opportunity to sketch all day (thanks Janae) in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'd never been to the museum, so I spent more time exploring than drawing (the museum is the best I've ever been to. I guess that should be pretty obvious, but still, IT WAS AWESOME!!!).

Here are a few pics and sketches from the experience. I don't have time to label everything, so you'll just have to live with that. I think my favorite image was the Caravaggio painting (last pic shown). It's just a tremendous work. One of these days, I'll take you to go see it, sound good?


Cara and Barry said...

Sounds good. I'll look forward to it. :)

About half way down, you got really good. Your sketches looks so realistic! ;) Glad it was a good day. :)

Lissa Nelson said...

I am a huge Caravaggio fan. Love it!

ALYN said...

Is there more than one of that Monet Parliament in the Fog?

Because we saw something very similar at the Atlanta Art museum last weekend!

Sam said...

Yeah, I think he did a ton of them. He went back to painting the same places a lot. (Thanks for reading!)

janae said...

My favorite sketch is the lady in the third page posted. She's beautiful.

I so rock for letting you do that!