Saturday, December 20, 2008


I drew this last night while watching The Santa Clause (a Christmas favorite -- don't diss it). Inspiration: a nativity I saw at my church a few weeks back.

The semester is officially over, and boy am I relieved! I'm also really excited, because I'm going to take the "break" to work on my illustration portfolio. I'll keep you posted with sketches and updates of that process. I'll be posting some new stuff on my website in the coming weeks, too (I hope), so keep reading!

Housekeeping business: For those of you who follow the blog via RSS, sorry about the backposts (I think I may have invented that word). I'll try not to do that again -- just had to finish the posts for a class.

Random question: Why do they make kitchen cabinet shelves so tall you can't get anything out of them without a chair? I'm guessing it's a question of aesthetics. Like high heels.

And you thought Faulkner knew stream of consciousness.


janae said...

Love it! Except why is the one guy looking at us, and the others looking forward? And who the heck is Faulkner? You are such a geek. (That is a good thing. I think your geekiness is attractive.)

Can't wait for you to do your portfolio stuff - this is gonna be fun!

ps. you should comment on my blog more. Hint, hint, hint.

Cara and Barry said...

If you have the Smith monkey arms, you don't have that problem about kitchen cabinets. If Barry can't reach something from the cabinets, he just asks me to get it for him. No joke. :)

Bart's Rebecca said...

Okay Sam, I just have to say I'm so glad you have a blog. I LOVE your stuff. If we have a tax refund this year, we may commission something from you.

Manelle said...

Hey these are fun. I really like the shape of them and the patterns. Nice job!