Saturday, December 13, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 11 - My Collection

Any collection I really have is either packed away in our "don't-touch-until-we-have-a-house-again" closet, or is a collection of artist's materials that I actually use. But, I love collecting books and happened to find this one just in time to show it off in Words and Images class (thanks, Aunt Carol, if you're reading this).

This one's got a copyright from Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1910. I sort of geek out about this stuff, so forgive me, but I love looking at the impressions the press made on this book's paper, seeing how the inks on the cover mis-register and slightly bleed into each other, and I think the pencil illustrations are fabulous!

I think Mr. Stubbs's Brother is a monkey. Some day, maybe I'll crack the cover looking for something other than design inspiration, and I'll let you know.

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denise said...

We were at Grandma Bakers during Christmas break and Derek pulled out some books Grandma has on her bookshelf in the playroom. Derek asks, "what do you think of when you see these?" My answer, "Sam" "Thats what I thought too!" is Dereks reply.

You better check out some of the great old books grandma has the next time you visit. The covers are great but so is the artwork on the inside front and back covers.