Monday, December 1, 2008

Identity Assignment: Formati

These are some images that show the process I went through for a recent typography assignment. The logotype (created for a furniture company) had to be designed from scratch using only shapes we created ourselves. In retrospect, I think I like the green logo best. I don't like the calligraphy one at all, but I do like the blue one. I think the little ornament on the "m" makes it look too much like a face, but I'll fix that some other time.

(Oh, and just in case, the image in the brochure was provided to us in class, so I have no idea where it comes from.)


janae said...

I actually don't have anything to say about this. But I figured since I pretty much comment on everything you post, I'd do it this time for tradition's sake. There you go! :)

Karin Sayan said...

I like the blue one the best.

h. van de mark said...

I sort of like all the roundness in the green, it looks "comfy" which is good since it's furniture. (Oops, quote marks for emphasis.)But at the same time it also looks a little sunk down, I guess the 'f' and 'm'. But then again, I don't know much at all about typography. The blue makes me think contemporary, foreign furniture.

L_MILLER said...


Anonymous said...

Hey I kind of like the calligraphy one. A little cluttered but really not that bad. I do agree with you on the green being the neatest. It's circular format is just plain neat and easy to read. By the way, if you liked my sketchbook check out my sister's blog, Boston, at
She's amazing!
(check out my blog in a few days when i actually have some good stuff updated on it)

ALYN said...


I'm so excited to see your blog & website. I guess I should've asked for the links earlier, but oh well.

I took art in high school, and did 3 years of Architecture in college. So I guess I always wished to be an artist/designer/illustrator. It's such an amazing talent. Your illustrations are quite impressive.

My favorite children's books are the one's with fantastic illustrations and rhyming/lyrical stories.

Wow! Inspires me to work on some of my creative aspirations.

Sam said...

Thanks Alyn!