Saturday, November 29, 2008

Packaging Preview

Here's the route I'm taking for my Words and Images packaging design. I like the retro/Raggedy Ann and Andy/Happy Hocky Family look, so I thought I'd put that into my own work. Final design to arrive on the scene shortly.


janae said...

I love how versatile you are. You don't have just one look that you stick with, you really reach out to all ends of the spectrum - and do it well!! This one is hilarious. Love how you did the colors stamped out of alignment - hilarious. :)

diannaburt said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your stuff, hope you are publishing soon. I didn't find any titles, but maybe I'm missing something. I really like all the variety in your illustrations.

Sam said...


Thanks for your comment! No, I don't have any books published yet. Still working on that one. I'll keep you posted, though, since my first manuscript is sitting on an editor's desk at Viking Children's Books as I write! (Yeah, it's pretty nerve-racking.) Hope all is going well!


denise said...

So, if truth be told I secretly wish I was you. Not the you that is a boy and married to Janae (although I love Janae) but the you that is an amazing artist and gets to take cool classes that I can only dream about.

I love checking out your blog because your work makes me giddy with excitement. I love fonts, graphics, colors, illustrations- I just love creativity!

Since I'm not the creative genius you are I guess I'll have to console myself with the fact that at least I know you and I can call you when my pathetic self needs help with dumb little Adobe problems. I still wish I was you though!

Sam said...

Thanks, Denise!

I've actually been thinking about linking your blog to mine, so I'm glad you commented! (Now I have an excuse :)

I've told Janae before that if I ever started a design firm, you'd be someone I hired, because I love how creative you are!


Perry Sweeper said...

So here's the link I promised you Sam.

I loved the experience and I know you would do well there. Check it out and let me know what you think.