Monday, November 10, 2008

Out of Curiosity . . .

. . . I've always wondered what a post like this would do to my rank in a Google search. Please don't continue reading this. It's just an experiment.

Sam Ricks. Samuel Ricks. Samuel with the last name Ricks. Ricks, Samuel. Did you know that my last name is Ricks? It's almost like Rick but with an "s" at the end. Samuel (Sam for short) Ricks does illustration and graphic design (he is, consequently, poor for short). He also enjoys writing, reading, and voting (when the chance arrives). Samuel (also known as Sam) sometimes attempts to increase his Google search engine ranking by doing strange posts on his (Samuel's) blog. Samuel's blog usually just shows Sam's art, but sometimes Sam bares his soul about important issues. He has, perhaps, done this once. (About now referring to myself in third person about makes me vomit.) Sam Ricks grew up in Winslow, AZ, a small town with lots of dirt (and heart).

Okay (Sam Ricks), you know what? (Sam Ricks) I can't (Sam) take (Ricks) it (Sam Sam) anymore! (Ricks) (Ricks) I'm never (Samuel) (Samuel) writing (Ricks) a blog post like this (Sam Ricks) again. Hand Cramp is the name of Sam's blog. Blogging by Sam. Sam's hand is cramping writing this post about Hand Cramp, the official blog of Sam Ricks.

What do you think it will do to my ranking? Right now, under "Sam Ricks", my website shows up but not my blog. Nothing under "hand cramp", either. We'll see what happens in a couple of weeks.

I love taking search engine optimization into my own hands!


janae said...

You. are. so. funny.


h. van de mark said...

It's funny, something about being prompted NOT to read, only makes me continue reading.

Karin Sayan said...

yeah i read it too!