Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 9 - Packaging Design

I think this packaging design is pretty good! Fred's simple packaging allows you to see exactly what you're getting. I wish I had shots from other angles, but oh well!

©2008 Fred

Packaging Preview

Here's the route I'm taking for my Words and Images packaging design. I like the retro/Raggedy Ann and Andy/Happy Hocky Family look, so I thought I'd put that into my own work. Final design to arrive on the scene shortly.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ideas come to me in the oddest ways sometimes.

I was working on my typography assignment for next week (movie titles for the Tom Hanks film, Big), when I realized that the Pantone colors I had chosen looked great together. I liked the vibration the colors created when they were placed next to each other, so I decided to try and use them in a design that didn't have any other purpose but to be fun.

I started with a blue background and just started making shapes. The shapes turned into a turtle. Then I thought, "What would be a good name for a movie about a turtle?" Float. I started moving the type around and then thought, "What floats?" The flotation device was born, and it fit perfectly with the "o".

Suddenly, I had a story . . .


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Caption It Again!

I thought I'd try this little caption game again. What do you think is being said here?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Of Giraffes and Skates . . .

Here's a character from an illustration I'm working on. The finished illustration will be done shortly.

While I was working on the giraffe, I just started messing around and created these two characters. There's a story here, I know it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tired. Sketches. Movie.

I stayed up really late on Friday to finish up the rough cut of my movie for Words and Images. I'm still recovering. I guess I just can't pull crazy hours like I used to. Whew!

Anyway, here are some sketches from Typography class. I did them on some 3"x5" cards I was using for storyboarding my movie. I started out sketching my story and ended up drawing these guys. Apparently, there was a glasses theme going on in my head that night.

And right now, there's an "I want to sleep" theme going on. I imagine most of my class feels the same way.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 8 - Favorite Words

For Words and Images, I had to make a list of my favorite words. I can't say I really have a ton of favorite words, but here are some I think sound cool:
  • mutiny
  • shrivel
  • stand
  • utopia
  • light
  • blizzard
  • quench
  • gnash
  • dissonance
  • truth
  • splint
  • traffic
  • quoth
  • daft
What are your favorite words? (I realize this is a backpost and no one will read it, but if you do, feel free to comment away. [I reserve the right to backpost whenever I feel like it. And to use "backpost" as a single word. And to begin my sentences with "And"." And to use brackets within parentheses.])

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Preview of Coming Attraction

Here's an image from a video I'm working on in my Words and Images class. (For those of you who saw what I was going to do last Saturday, I've completely switched ideas. See you all soon!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Out of Curiosity . . .

. . . I've always wondered what a post like this would do to my rank in a Google search. Please don't continue reading this. It's just an experiment.

Sam Ricks. Samuel Ricks. Samuel with the last name Ricks. Ricks, Samuel. Did you know that my last name is Ricks? It's almost like Rick but with an "s" at the end. Samuel (Sam for short) Ricks does illustration and graphic design (he is, consequently, poor for short). He also enjoys writing, reading, and voting (when the chance arrives). Samuel (also known as Sam) sometimes attempts to increase his Google search engine ranking by doing strange posts on his (Samuel's) blog. Samuel's blog usually just shows Sam's art, but sometimes Sam bares his soul about important issues. He has, perhaps, done this once. (About now referring to myself in third person about makes me vomit.) Sam Ricks grew up in Winslow, AZ, a small town with lots of dirt (and heart).

Okay (Sam Ricks), you know what? (Sam Ricks) I can't (Sam) take (Ricks) it (Sam Sam) anymore! (Ricks) (Ricks) I'm never (Samuel) (Samuel) writing (Ricks) a blog post like this (Sam Ricks) again. Hand Cramp is the name of Sam's blog. Blogging by Sam. Sam's hand is cramping writing this post about Hand Cramp, the official blog of Sam Ricks.

What do you think it will do to my ranking? Right now, under "Sam Ricks", my website shows up but not my blog. Nothing under "hand cramp", either. We'll see what happens in a couple of weeks.

I love taking search engine optimization into my own hands!

Doodles from Class

Here are a few doodles from my Design/Business Link class and Words and Images. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 7 - Narrative

One of the most exciting books I've read recently is The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick. I don't have time to go into a lot of detail right now, but it's a novel, graphic novel, and film hybrid.

For a slideshow of the opening images, click here. For me, the book was quite a magical experience. And a fast read, too. Its 550 pages took me about a day to finish.

images copyright © 2007, Brian Selznick

Saturday, November 1, 2008


As usual, here's my typography assignment for the week. We could only use the photos Max gave us, had to use the text given, and we had to experiment with using grids. The broken light bulb was okay to use because I made it all out of type.

Show and Tell, Week 6 - Iced Type

Kotama Bouabane's series of photographs made from frozen letters is really (n)ice.

copyright © 2008, Kotama Bouabane