Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Typographic Contrast

Last week for typography, our assignment was to match as closely as possible every single aspect of a page from Time. While I won't post that assignment here (mostly because it's a huge embarrassment), I will say that copying someone else's design completely is really difficult. Of course, part of the difficulty in that assignment was not having the right fonts. Anyway, I got close to making things look right, but there were a few things I really needed to tweak.

This week, we again used grids to create three interesting spreads for an article about legibility and readability. We were supposed to use contrast, do something interesting with the title side of the page, and have fun while relying on the grid as much as possible. We could make our own title for the article, but we were to use all of the main body copy given (which totaled about 450 words). Here are the results:

I got my inspiration for the first design from the download page for Mido. Here's the link to that: Their design is cooler, but I thought the idea worked well with the idea of legibility and readability. The other two designs came straight from my own brain!


janae said...

It is cool that the original page is interactive - you don't really have that option. Still, I think that first one is awesome. And I love the 'readability' implications in the second one, playing off of a vision test. That was creative!

J. said...

hello again sam! i really like your third design. i like the colors and your headline. i wish we would have had time to look at all of the designs thursday.