Saturday, October 11, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 5 - The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell. Love this book. Some day, I'll talk more about how cool it is.

  • Connectors~people who link people together
  • Mavens~know-it-alls who can tell you any and every thing about a given topic
  • Salesmen~the people that other people listen to when deciding to buy a product
The whole book is basically about how small actions can bring about big changes, an idea to which I subscribe. Maybe that's why I liked the book so much.

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janae said...

I have no clue what the whole 'classifications' thing means - surely something to do with your w&i class - but I just want to say that I definitely agree that small decision generally are what lead to the big life experiences. A very large ship can be kept safe from a storm by a very small helm. Or however that goes.