Thursday, October 16, 2008

High-Quality (and FREE!) Fonts

I found this list of free fonts yesterday while working on a typography assignment. If you can't afford $300 font sets, these are some great OpenType alternatives that represent some of the "hip" new trends.

(Smashing Magazine, where I got the link from, actually has a lot of neat stuff, so you might try checking it out every now and again for inspiration and downloads. )


janae said...

You are just the kind of geek that you used to make fun of! If only your old typography professor could see you now ... :)

Thursday said...

Smashing Magazine always has awesome resources. They also publish a monthly article linking to new free fonts on the web — not all of them are wonderful, but all of them are free.

Karin Sayan said...

thanks for sharing - free is always good. I will check it out.

h. van de mark said...

yes! i cannot expouse (sp?) the virtues of smashing magazine enough. i heart them. they are my home page on my browser.