Monday, September 29, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 4 - Stand Alone Typography

image copyright © 2008

In preparation for both my typography class and the ad campaign we're doing in my Words and Images class, I ran across a great example of straight typography used well. This type of design takes forever to get just right, and I admire designers who attempt it.

There are a few things I would have done differently, though. For example, I think some words are given way too much visual importance. What's with the "soft-spoken red heads brunettes" part? I realize that all of those phrases are meant to be separate, but they seem a little bit too big, they almost read as one, and maybe they shouldn't have been placed quite like that on the page. (Don't get me wrong, I understand the whole "opposites can work together" theme; I just think some of the words are a little too big for their importance.) Overall, though, this is a great design.


LuAnne said...

Hey Sam! It's LuAnne Hancock - Steve's wife. Hey we need a logo made & I was thinking maybe you could help us? email me at if you get a chance :)

J. said...

Good find! I love how type can be used to create interesting things/images!!

janae said...

This is one of those ads that seems normal at first ... and then you look more closely and you are flabbergasted about how complex it really is. How on earth do you find these things??!

h. van de mark said...

This ad is pretty great. But like you, I definitely read some of the words together and thought that was a misstep in the design. But I guess nobody's perfect, even the people getting paid the big bucks, but I mean "soft spoken redheads blondes brunettes" would never have passed a W&I critique lol.

Samuel said...

Yeah, our class is way too cool to miss something like that! :)