Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Rough Designs

This week's Words and Images class was a testament to the need for feedback when designing. The assignment was to write an article about a new technology and then design a two-page spread for the article. My topic was electronic paper, the technology behind the recent Esquire cover and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iRex Iliad, etc. I wanted to use a classic image and then place a new element into it to convey the idea that paper is changing. Didn't work so well, though. The design ended up looking like an article about ultrasound technology or the vibrations that pregnant women get when facing windows and reading letters in very uncomfortable dresses. At any rate, I'm glad I have a group of people to sound my ideas off (ooh, there's one of those prepositions at the end of the sentence!). (My wife is my best critic; she tells me exactly what she thinks, which is awesome!)

The other two images here are for Typography. We're supposed to design a magazine's contents section using two colors and only type. I've been dangerously conservative here, mostly because the next assignment is to go crazy with the contents and make the type do new and different things. Still, I think these work well. I haven't really proofed them, though, so maybe I shouldn't have put them online at all. Oh well! :)


janae said...

lol - I hadn't even realized that with the Vermeer painting. That is hilarious! Um, yeah, you better change that one.

And I love the "People You'll Never Meet" heading. That one made me laugh out loud. I would read a magazine that made random comments like that.

Tina said...

The typography, I like the second one alot.. The first one, i aint too crazy about it. Far as the W&I project, I liked the concept... but not too crazy about the pregnant woman, maybe a young gal or guy instead?

I use to find alot of my photographs when I need them.