Friday, September 12, 2008

The Skinny

Veer is one of the coolest typeface/photography/illustration companies out there. Of course, all of their stuff is expensive as well, but ain't that the way it always is? Anyway, I discovered their blog a few months ago after receiving an awesome promotional piece about The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding. (I'm still trying to find the piece in one of our boxes from our move out here. If I ever find it, you will be seeing it in class. It rocks.) In addition to providing tons of cool fonts and photos -- which I will probably only ever use in those dreams where I'm doing a design project and can't find the typeface I need (yes, I have those dreams) -- Veer's site provides an Ideas section that features two blogs, wallpapers, and shows off some portfolios.

Seriously, check this out. It's good stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you shake your head and say, "Yep, I should have been an accountant.*" And the blog posts are often hilarious.

Oh, and I found a .pdf of the Very Secret Order Handbook. You can download it here. Really funny (in an uber geeky way)!

*I'm being completely facetious. I would do almost any job before being an accountant.
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janae said...

Even if no one commented on this, I really hope that people checked it out. That Veer stuff was hilariously awesome. Even to a non-artist like me!