Saturday, September 13, 2008

Show and Tell, Week 1 - Sketchbook

Sketchbooks are amazing. Highly recommended. I have a ton of them (although I have never owned a Moleskine sketchbook and wonder what the rest of you think of them), and I think they're great for organizing thoughts, taking notes, and, of course, drawing. Sketching helps me avoid mental complacency. It forces me to examine my world and see things as they are. It helps me take ideas and transform them into something real.

I love drawing from life or from my imagination, writing, scribbling, jotting, and otherwise marking my sketchbooks. My sketchbooks are full of garbage, but every once in a while, a gem shows up that makes the rest of the scribbles worth it.


janae said...

Am I allowed to comment? Is that cheating? I hope not! I just wanted to say that your sketch book is amazing! You have such a talent with pencils and line drawing. Seriously. If I could do ... um, anything ... as well as you draw, I would be one successful woman! As is, I count myself successful simply for having coerced you into marrying me! ;)

h. van de mark said...

I concur with your wife--you are very talented. I would totally buy a children's book you illustrated if I had children. Something about them, just make me laugh and feel joyful. Okay, enough praise.

Samuel said...

Thanks Heather!

Samuel said...

(And thanks Janae, too; I already told her that in person, though :)