Friday, September 19, 2008

First Illustration Friday Post Ever!

"Heidi, with no one, felt she had the world."

I've been wanting to participate in Illustration Friday for a long time but never made the time to do it. I started thinking about this image a while back when talking with my brother about creating a blog where we collaborate on a story long distance. The general idea was that he would write, send me a few paragraphs, I would make an illustration without knowing what happens in his story, and we'd just kind of see what happened as we went.

We haven't started that project yet, but I'll let you know when we do. For now, here's a line from the story, along with the illustration.

The topic this week is "clique". I don't know how well it fits with the illustration (if at all), but I can make a case for it if I have to. Honestly, I just wanted to try Illustration Friday; who cares if the image fits the topic!


janae said...

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So says Elijah. I like the twist you took on Paul's story. He wont expect that one!

Rui Sousa said...

Lovell y, fine, really nice work!

Rui Sousa
(O temporário)

kslaughter said...

This is really lovely! I love your brushwork and the almost monochromatic color scheme. Welcome to IF! Can''t wait to see what you do next~~

gracefulCraig said...

Its a kinda loose fit to Clique but regardless its beautiful

dianeclancy said...

Welcome!! Even if it isn't a close match (or it could be) it is great you got started!!

Welcome again!
~ Diane Clancy