Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CD Covers

I've been working on some designs for my typography class again and thought I'd show them off/get some feedback.

assignment specs:
  • must be made only with type
  • must use contrast to make an image
  • 2 PMS colors and Black only
We had to turn in three sets of designs but choose only one to grade. I have to say that I really like the idea behind the Mo' covers, but my favorite design is the one with the bands of color. The designs were done in Gotham, which has become my current sans serif of choice. Honestly, it's one of those fonts that pretty much does all the work for you.


janae said...

I like Mozart as Mo' - whoever thought of that is sooooo creative, even if it was an accident. ;)

J. said...

Hey Sammy! I like ALL of them!!! But I think I like the first one the best! It reminds me of Target's designs.

And looking at your project...I realized I totally messed up! I thought we were supposed to have three different designs of the same artist on one page. Take a look at my blog and see what I did.