Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thumbnail Thursday

I'm not sure if anyone else in the world has thought of this yet, but you know how there's Illustration Friday? Why can't we all do a Thumbnail Thursday which takes a little less time than a full illustration and still shows off a good idea? Well, that's what I'm attempting to do here. Here are some quick sketches I've created in the past few weeks. The submarine one and the fish are the most "thumbnail-like", in that they're only about 1.5" x 1.5" (they're blown up a little larger so you can see them better). Anyway, these little thumbnails are a ton of fun and take way less time than a real illustration. Maybe I could start my own thumbnail art company. Is there a market for that?

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janae said...

I'm going through your blog and commenting on ever post that doesn't have any comments. Aren't I sweet? :) I must say, I laughed at this partially because you never, ever did Thumbnail Thursday again. But it really was a pretty great idea. You should consider doing it again once you're back from your sabbatical. (sp??)